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Valve ran out of $5 Steam Controllers and is canceling orders

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Facepalm: When Valve decided to put the Steam Controller out of its misery by discontinuing it last week, the price was cut to just $5 from the usual $50. But the company took more orders than it had stock, leaving some buyers to find their purchases had been canceled.

While the Steam Controller sold over 500,000 units in the first six months following release, it was never able to build on that initial success. PC gamers, it seems, prefer to use either a console controller or a mouse/keyboard combo, not a hybrid that attempts to combine the best of both. Valve tried to push its device as the perfect companion for a Steam Machine, but we know how those turned out.

Unsurprisingly, Valve decided to call time on the Steam Controller and has made the last batch. To get rid of the stock, a 90 percent discount was applied in the recent Steam Autumn Sale. It might not be the best controller, but $5 is a steal, which led to plenty of orders—too many, in fact.

VG24 writes that there are multiple reports on Reddit and the Resetera forums of Steam Controller orders being canceled. Some people received refunds even after the controllers had supposedly shipped.

A Steam support message confirmed what had gone wrong: “During our recent sale, we mistakenly took more orders for the Steam Controller than we were able to fulfil,” it read. “As we are no longer producing this product, we are unable to send you a Steam Controller and have refunded your purchase.”

If you ordered a Steam Controller and haven’t received it yet, better check it hasn’t been canceled.

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