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No Man’s Sky – Monolith Puzzle Solutions Guide

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In No Man’s Sky, Monoliths are ancient buildings and built by one of the three big alien races. Interrelating them will extant you with a riddle, after choosing the correct solution, you will be rewarded. These puzzle solutions aren’t always apparent, so this guide will help you to solve all monolith puzzle solutions in game.

Vy’keen Monolith Riddles Puzzle Solutions

Puzzle 1 Answers:

  • Insert silicate element (10 Carbon)
  • Insert oxide element (10 Iron)
  • Insert isotope element (10 Carbon) – (You’ll get an Atlas word, more reputation with the Vy’keen and a commodity item)

Puzzle 2 Answers:

  • Dodge weapon
  • Grab weapon – You’ll receive a new mutlitool and some Vy’keen reputation.

Puzzle 3 Answers:

  • Take the multi-tool and leave – A new mutltitool an better standing with the Vy’keen
  • Bury the soldier and multi-tool

Gek Monolith Puzzles


  • Wait
  • Smash claw
  • Give silicate (10 Heridium) – You’ll get another word, some Gek reputation and a pricey item.

Korvax Monolith Riddles


  • Remove helmet and scrape away tiny metal spiders
  • Fire weapon
  • Wait it out – You will gain a Korvax word, some reputation and an item

For more detail and descriptions, watch the video below.

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