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Middle Earth Shadow of War – All Mounts or Beast Locations Guide

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Middle Earth Shadow of War – All Mounts or Beast Locations Guide

This guide will help you to find all Mounts and Beast Locations in Middle Earth Shadow of War PC, PS4 and Xbox One versions. Get them all and unlock an achievement/trophy “Rough Rider”. There are total 7 Mounts or you can call them Rare Beasts in game, that can be found from different locations.

Caragor, Dire Caragor, Graug, Drake, Ice Graug, Poison Graug and Fire Graug are included to ride the Shadow of War. All besides the Ice, Poison and Fire Graugs can be summoned using skills. The three Graugs can only be found in specific zones.

Watch the video below, get the exact locations of spawns for the Graugs in each zone, but it is not guaranteed they will spawn each time. Try to go everywhere like in this video and try your luck.

To actually mount the beasts, you need to break them, You do this by damaging them and then holding CIRCLE near them to dominate them. For Drakes, having the Shadow Mount skill makes it much easier.

Video’s Timeline:

  • 00:25 – Caragor
  • 01:11 – Dire Caragor
  • 01:42 – Graug
  • 02:16 – Drake
  • 02:57 – Ice Graug
  • 04:40 – Poison Graug
  • 07:06 – Fire Graug
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