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Current Gaming Trends About GTA 6 Rockstar Must AVOID

Where the hell does Rockstar go from here? Following a period across the 2000s were they innovated and expanded the open-world genre in every possible direction, experimenting with movie license tie-ins (The Warriors), gory boundary-pushers (Manhunt), coming-of-age tales (Bully) and all-things crime-focused (GTA 1 through 4), the 2010s had them take a step back, only […]

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How to Turn Off Demon Bell – Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro How to Turn Off Demon Bell guide shows you how to turn off the effects of ringing the Sekiro Demon Bell, how to use Bell Demon item. Demon Bell in Sekiro is an object that grants you a very specific item and buff, and people have been wondering how to turn the Demon Bell […]

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