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Intel’s CEO Blames Delay in Inovation to Being “Too Aggressive”

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During the Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen, Colo, Intel’s CEO Bob Swan took stage and talked about Intel. He talked about where Intel is now and where they are headed in the future and how the company plans to involve. A particular note was given on how Intel became “data centric” from “PC centric” company and the struggles that went along.

However, when asked about the demise of Moore’s Law, Bob started talking about the aggressiveness that they approached the challenge with. Instead of regular two times improvement in transistor density over two years, Bob said that Intel has always targeted better and greater densities so that it would stay the leader in the business. With 10nm, Intel targets improved density by as much as 2.7 times compared to the last generation of 14 nm transistors. He addressed the five year delay in delivering the 10nm node to being too aggressive, adding that “… at a time it gets harder and harder, we set more aggressive goal …” and that being the main reason for late delivery. Additionally he said that this time, Intel will stay at exactly 2.0 times density improvement over two years with company’s 7 nm node, which is supposed to launch in two years and is already in development.

When talking about the future of Intel, Bob has noted the market share Intel currently owns, 30% of the “silicon market”, saying that Intel is trying to diversify its current offering from mainly CPUs and FPGAs to everything that requires big compute performance, in order to capture rest of the market. He noted that Artificial Intelligence is currently driving big demand for such performance, where autonomous vehicles are supposed to be a big source of revenue for Intel in the future. Trough acquisitions like Mobileye, Intel plans to serve that market and bring the company’s value to it as well.

You can listen to the talk here.

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