Get Nemesis Exotic Rifle – Division 2 Guide

Getting the exotic precision rifle Nemesis in The Division 2 is not an easy task, and you’ll have to go a long way and even wait a while to get each of the pieces of this important weapon.

In this final section of the content for The Division 2 players will be involved in a world 5 with invaded fortresses and as many exotic weapons to unlock.

One of these exotic weapons in The Division 2 is the exotic precision rifle Nemesis that is only achievable by fulfilling a series of requirements and obtaining each of its pieces.

In this way, if you want to know where to find the parts of the exotic precision rifle Nemesis in The Division 2 and what requirements to meet, you must pay attention to everything we say in this guide.

The Division 2: how to get the exotic precision rifle Nemesis

Finally the developers of The Division 2 have opened the gateway to the contents of the Tidal Basin that gives us the possibility of unlocking new weapons, among other things.

One of these weapons is the Nemesis precision rifle, and getting it can be a bit tricky given that it is distributed in pieces.

If you want to get this precision rifle before you must have surpassed the main missions of the Tidal Basin. 

When we have overcome it for the first time we must complete the invaded missions available to unlock the Capitol fortress and the Tidal Account in different difficulties.

Now we have to repeat the Tidal Account but in the difficulty that we want. You already know that as part of level 5 of the world, we will have a series of invaded missions and invaded fortresses that will begin to circulate weekly.

This circulation is a very important role in the search for this weapon, given that each week we can obtain a piece.

Access key

We have to play Cuenta Tidal for the second time in the difficulty we want. We must advance to the area where Manny tells you to interact with the laptop.

In this building you must go up, and near a bunk, you will find the access key.

A for the first piece

Once we have this access key we must move on until we reach the end of the missions of the hovercraft’s cargo bay.

When you reach the end you will be asked to go through the door on the right and then go to the upper deck. Well, instead of going through the door on the right, go to the one on the left where you can use this card.

In the accessible room you will find a box of weapons and inside them the sniper rifle Adrestia SR1.

For simply this sniper rifle we must dismantle it to get the first part of the exotic precision rifle Nemesis.

To get the rest of the three pieces we must go to the invaded fortresses that are active in each of the weeks, something that varies.

At the time of writing this guide the invaded fortress that can be enjoyed is that of the Capitol. You have to defeat the final boss of this invaded fortress and you will get another piece.

During the next weeks the following invaded zones will be unlocked:

  • The invaded zone of the union district
  • The invaded area of Roosevelt Island

It is likely that when you read this guide a different invaded fortress will be accessible. Do not worry, because week after week the developers of the game are opening and closing the different fortresses invaded. So you will need several weeks to get each of the pieces and thus have the Nemesis precision rifle.

With this you have all the steps to get the Nemesis precision rifle in The Division 2 , so you do not miss one of the most important weapons in the game.

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