Find Tough Man in Sekiro Doujun NPC Guide – Surgeons Bloody Letter

Sekiro Doujun NPC – Surgeon’s Bloody Letter – Where to Find Tough Man guide shows how to complete Doujun side quest, where to find red eyes.

Doujun is an NPC in Sekiro in the Abandoned Dungeon, and he’ll ask you to find one tough man and hand you the Surgeon’s Bloody Letter.

This kicks off a whole chain of side quests. However, people have been wondering where to find one tough man for Doujun in Sekiro.

If you’re one of them, here’s our Sekiro Doujun NPC – Surgeon’s Bloody Letter Item – Where to Find Tough Man guide to take you through the whole quest, step by step. Before we go any further, though.


We’re gonna spoil the hell out of this quest chain and everything related to it. Proceed at your own risk.

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