EPIC Games Moves Into the Publishing Scene, Signs Up Three Partner Studios

EPIC Games has moved on through to the next logical step in its effort to become much more than just a game and engine developer. Today, the company has just announced that t has signed agreements to become the de facto publisher for three games companies that you’re likely well familiar with. One of them is Remedy Entertainment, which gave us the excellent, experimental, mix-media storytelling Quantum Break and, more recently, the widely acclaimed Control. Alongside Remedy, the company has also signed on Gen Design, responsible for PlayStation’s 4 exclusive The Last guardian, as well as PLAYDEAD, which have developed side-scrollers Limbo and Inside.

According to EPIC, they have now begun offering developers the terms they always wanted to have when they were looking for publishers, and were more focused in game creation than on their current service-providers road. EPIC will be shouldering 100% of the development costs for games these companies develop, and will offer them a 50% cut on actual profits for the game once the development costs have been recouped. More importantly for games developers, though, is the ability to maintain control of their IPs, and not having to surrender them to the publishing companies – something that EPIC is guaranteeing for any studio that signs up with them. This way, perhaps we’ll be saved from some… ehm. EA-like situations, anyone?

According to the press release and Remedy Entertainment, for one, the deal covers the studio’s next two games – a “AAA” multiplatform game, and a smaller title that’s bound to the same fictional universe as that experience.