Days Gone How to Kill Hordes Guide

In Days Gone you will encounter so-called Hordes. They are the biggest groups of Freakers in the game. Taking down such a large group can be a challenge so this guide will show you the best ways to kill hordes.

If you combine these 3 tactics the hordes won’t stand a chance. The Chicago Chopper is crazy overpowered as it deals the damage of a shotgun while having the fire rate and mag size of an assault rifle.

Of course, in the early game you won’t have access to this gun yet. In that case, buy whatever weapons you can. At the 2nd camp (Belknap region) is the first opportunity to buy better guns. Try what suits your playstyle (you can also make a manual save before buying the gun and if you don’t like the purchase reload). In the early game Shotguns are generally better because they are most likely to do 1-hit kills while running away from a horde. It’s all the more important you use explosives to weaken the horde then. When only 10-15% are left it’s easier to pick them off one by one with a shotgun.

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