Days Gone Guide – How to Quick Switch to Melee Weapon

In Days Gone you’ll be using Melee Weapons a lot. But is there a quick switch option to equip a melee weapon?

The answer is: simply press R2 to quick attack with the melee weapon.

These controls may be a bit confusing at first as you don’t really need to “equip” the melee weapon at all. It will automatically attack with the melee weapon you had last selected in the weapon wheel. Even if you have a firearm equipped, pressing R2 (without aiming the gun) will result in a quick melee weapon attack. You can change your active melee weapons in the weapon wheel (the boot knife or a collected/crafted weapon).

You can also quickly switch between primary and secondary weapon by pressing Triangle-Button. And you can quickly switch to your special gun (e.g. Crossbow) by holding the Triangle-Button for 2-3 seconds.

To quick-heal yourself hold :left: Everything else (throwables, traps, distractions) must be equipped from the weapon wheel.

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