Days Gone Guide – How to Get Scrap

Scrap is an important and most commonly used crafting and repair material in Days Gone.

Usage: Used to repair the bike and melee weapons (Field Repairs Skill). Also used in various crafting recipes, such as melee weapons and crossbow bolts.

How to Get: The most reliable and fastest way to get Scrap is from looting the motors of cars. Pop open the hood of the car and loot it. Some cars have already been looted which you can tell by the hood being slightly opened already. About a third of all cars can be looted for Scrap. They give between 3-5 scrap per car. Alternatively, you can also find Scrap as loot in the open world, mostly near buildings and it’s sometimes looted from enemies (particularly at Sniper Ambushes). It’s worth noting that there is infinite scrap in the game because it respawns in the world and in cars. However, the same car cannot be farmed repeatedly as the cars that have scrap change frequently (randomly generated).

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