Days Gone All Radio Free Oregon Collectible Locations

Days Gone contains 20 Radio Free Oregon Collectibles. Rather than having locations in the open world they are radio calls that are tied to story progress. They are all automatic story-related collectibles and cannot be missed. The last one becomes available after finishing the Epilogue. Simply finish the Story and you’ll get all of them automatically, no work required.

Every couple of story missions you will get a new radio call. You can skip these by holding the Touchpad and they will still get added to the Collectible Menu.

When the calls stop coming in you must advance the story further. There are two Points of No Return during the story that temporarily lock you out of earlier regions but this doesn’t affect the radio calls, they will keep coming in regardless. Nothing is missable.

Do note that the numbering from the in-game collectible menu is way off for this. The calls trigger in a completely different order than the in-game collectible menu has them listed. Just know this is absolutely normal.

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