Days Gone All Infestations & Nest Locations

Days Gone has 12 Infestations and 18 Crier Nests for the Infestation Exterminator Questline. This guide shows all Infestation Nest Locations. Your goal in each Infestation Zone is to burn out the nests there.

Clearing out all Infestations unlocks the Infestation Exterminator trophy. There are also gameplay benefits, it unlocks new fast travel others.

To burn the nests you can either throw a fuel canister and shoot it or throw a Molotov. The very best choice is to use Incendiary Bolts. You get 3 of them per Kerosene instead of only 1 Molotov. You unlock Incendiary Bolts by conquering 8 Ambush Camps. It’s easier to burn out the nests at day because fewer Freakers will be roaming around.

The guide below contains two screenshots per infestation. The first one is zoomed out to show you the general location. The second one is zoomed in, showing you where exactly the nests are (red dots). When you get close to a nest, your character will smell it and it automatically gets marked on the map. You can also seem them from far away because they got black infected mass around them. As soon as you burn the nest some Freakers will come running out but it’s not mandatory to kill them, just burning the nests is enough.

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