Days Gone All Colonel Garret’s Speeches Locations

Days Gone contains 6 Colonel Garret’s Speeches. They are a type of Collectible. Unlike most collectibles you don’t actually have to pick them up in the world. Instead they are given to you for main story missions in the 5th region “Crater Lake” and the 5th camp “Wizard Island”. They are all obtained automatically and are unmissable. So just play through the story and you’ll get them all.

The first one unlocks after the main mission “I Know the Look”. Then you get a radio call from Kouri and he tells you that the Colonel gives an informal speech at dawn every day and tells you to attend. The other speeches become available as you progress in the story. You can’t just sleep and wait for the next speech. You must progress the game because the Colonel talks about specific story events in each speech. These speeches are marked with a main mission icon on the map and count towards storyline “Law and Disorder”. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter what time it is because when you walk into the mission icon it will just skip to the correct time.

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