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7 Secrets you might have missed in the Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer

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3. Kills from a Hunt

At whatever point you went chasing in Red Dead Redemption, you’d need to cut up your murder and after that take the materials to a shop to offer your merchandise. In the trailer, there’s a scene of a man utilizing his bother to convey a dead deer back to what resembles his home. Perhaps this implies you can accommodate your family, expecting your character has one, and can convey back murders straightforwardly to your home. You could most likely even simply convey your pull to the nearby broad store and auction it there for significantly more cash. It might possibly take longer than just cutting off pelts and riding ceaselessly, yet the reward could be justified regardless of the excursion.

4. A Prequel!

We aren’t told forthright in the trailer whether Red Dead Redemption 2 will be a sequel to John Marston’s story or in the event that it’ll be a prequel that happens amid John’s chance in Dutch’s pack, yet one scene specifically may allude to it occurring before. In this scene, we see a crowd of bison running close by a prepare. In the first Red Dead Redemption, occasions occurred exactly toward the end of the Wild West time of the United States and bison numbers were lessening. There was even a mystery accomplishment called Manifest Destiny that players could acquire in the wake of chasing down the greater part of the 20-wild ox show in the game. Seeing them in abundant numbers here shows that we’re presumably further in the past when they weren’t yet wiped out.

5. Own Farm

Given every one of the scenes we see of houses and ranches, there could be a segment of the game that spotlights on working up a residence and looking after it. Whether this implies contracting farmhands to deal with steers or wrangling them yourself is hazy, yet observing this character saddle up inside an animal dwelling place as cows move over the property shows this could be a component. You could set up your residence as a base of sorts, and you may be required to protect it from attacking NPCs or player-characters in a conceivable multiplayer mode. Possibly there’ll be some firefights on the homestead.

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