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7 Secrets you might have missed in the Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer

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After much prodding, we at long last got the chance to watch the official first trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 from Rockstar Games. About as good anyone might expect of any Rockstar Games discharge, we can’t tell a lot from the main trailer, particularly since the story and its hero — or heroes — have not been affirmed. In any case, in the event that you set aside the opportunity to watch the trailer again and again, there are a couple subtle elements that could give some understanding into what we can anticipate from the game when it at long last drops in fall 2017. So, saddle up, appeal to God for no deferrals, and look at a portion of the subtle elements in the trailer that could be huge clues about what will appear in the fundamental game.

1. Different Transportation and Ability to Swim

The scenes in the trailer are exceptionally short, yet they could clarify a great deal. There are a few scenes of characters utilizing different methods of transportation. Some of these travel alternatives incorporate steeds, which are a given, and stagecoaches. Be that as it may, we additionally observe a prepare and a kayak in the trailer, so we may have the capacity to utilize these vehicles for quick travel alternatives. Perhaps the nearness of a kayak demonstrates that we’ll have the capacity to swim in the game, as well, since endeavoring to tread water in Red Dead Redemption implied an insta-passing.

2. Camping

How stunning is this camping scene, with the Milky Way hanging overhead and illuminating the trees? It would appear that the capacity to camp will return, giving our hero a chance to refill his wellbeing and vitality, and in addition refill our ammunition. The fire is additionally helpful for keeping predators under control, so we don’t wake up mid-destroy at the paws of a mountain lion or something. We’re hoping to see a sweeping world that will keep us investigating far from the estate, so setting up shop with a convenient campground will be pretty grasp in the untamed wild. In case you’re ready to go with a gang, it’d be extraordinary to see some pit fire stories being tossed in the blend to give some more character to the NPCs.

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