Mon. Oct 14th, 2019

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1MORE and TechPowerUp All-day-long Wireless Earbuds Giveaway: The Winner

1 min read

A pair of punchy wireless earphones that don’t give up on you every 5 hours: that’s the promise 1MORE makes to you, with its All-day-long Wireless Earbuds, which can provide a full day’s (24 hours) music playback on a full charge. We were so blown away with our in-depth review, that in partnership with 1MORE, we decided to give away a brand-new pair of these to one lucky winner in our latest Giveaway. The following winner gets a truly special piece of hardware that earned both Editor’s Choice and Great Value awards from TechPowerUp:A huge Congratulations Huy-Hung! Enjoy your pair of All-day-long audio excellence that stays with you from Breakfast to Bed and beyond!

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